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Liposuction or Liposculpture is performed to sculpt the body for more desirable contours while removing excess fat by the use of suction. Dr. Nadelson is an expert liposuction surgeon who can remove unwanted fat from the abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs, knees, upper arms and under the chin. Dr. Nadelson’s  liposuction techniques are proven safe and effective including tumescent liposuction and ultrasonic liposuction. It is important to note that liposuction surgery is not a means of weight loss, rather it is a method to remove fat to create a more perfectly contoured body. Many times I combine a tummy tuck or body lift surgery to give my patients optimal results.

As you age, it is more likely that small pockets of fat will develop in different locations on your body. These problem areas can be difficult to get rid of with diet and exercise alone, especially if it is an inherited trait. Liposuction, also known as “lipoplasty” or “suction lipectomy,” can remove this fat, sculpting your body into a more pleasing contour.

The procedure is accomplished safely and effectively by infiltrating the area with sterile fluid, anesthetic, and a medication to help constrict blood vessels. Then Dr. Nadelson will inserts the cannula, a narrow tube, and uses it to suction out the unwanted fat.  Suction assisted Liposuction can be performed under both local or general anesthesia.  This largely depends on the area or areas that require liposuction. Dr. Nadelson uses Tumescent Liposuction Technique – Sterile Liquid containing safe amounts of anesthesia and medicine are injected in the proposed area. This means that no additional anesthesia is required, allowing you to potentially stay awake for the duration of the surgery.  This is especially important if you have had an adverse reaction to anesthesia or you have a family history of complications with general anesthesia.

There are many options to consider in your pursuit of liposuction surgery. Dr. Nadelson can help address your individual concerns and conditions to determine which technique will work best for your body. The end result will be less fat, a better body contour, and improved self-esteem.

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If you have been thinking about undergoing liposuction, the most important thing you need to have is realistic expectations about what liposuction can do for you. Liposuction can dramatically enhance your appearance but, like all other surgeries, it’s not a magical fit for everything that bothers you about your body.

As far as physical requirements go, the ideal prospects for liposuction are individuals whose weight falls in a normal range but have excess fat on specific areas of their body. Individuals with skin that is elastic and firm will achieve the best results from liposuction.

This procedure poses more risks for patients that have recently had surgery close to the site where the liposuction will be performed. Other factors that increase the risk of this surgery include sub-par blood circulation, diabetes, lung disease or heart disease.

Liposuction RECOVERY
Patients recover from liposuction very quickly. You may return to regular activity, even work the same day as your procedure.  An elastic garment will likely be worn for some time during the recovery and post recovery period to optimize results.  Dr. Nadelson and staff will see you for checkups during the postoperative period.


In your consultation with Dr. Nadelson, he will provide you with a price estimate that is based on factors specific to you as a patient. During your consultation, you may also wish to ask about the financing options available, which create an affordable monthly payment method with low to zero interest. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Nadelson, Contact his office at (212)-500-2163.

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