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Fillers and Aesthetic Facial Rejuvination

Many non surgical advancements have been made to help rejuvenate your appearance. The men and women who visit my practice are pleased to discover that, for facial rejuvenation, surgical skin tightening is not the only option. There’s a gentler, subtler way to refresh your appearance: injectable fillers and injectable toxins (temporary aesthetic injectable rejuvenation of wrinkles). In New York City, these non-surgical filler treatments temporary plump up the skin from beneath, creating a look that is as natural as it is youthful. In New York City, these non-surgical toxin treatments temporary paralyze muscle contractions which cause wrinkling. Treatment areas with toxin include Glabellar lines (frown lines between the eyebrows), Canthal lines (crow’s feet), and Forehead furrows.

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You have a variety of options:
Hyaluronic acid
This gel filler is available in several formulations, all with hyaluronic acid as the active ingredient. Used most frequently to improve lips, smile lines, and “volume thicker” products are used to treat tear troughs under the eyes.
Calcium hydroxylapatite
This also works to stimulate collagen production. Results begin to show immediately and may last a year or more.

Dermal Filler Procedure
Treatment with injectable fillers is generally quick and comfortable. In fact, many fillers have lidocaine added for pain prevention. I apply a gentle numbing cream before starting the procedure. I use a tiny needle to inject a precise amount of the filler substance into the areas that require volume enhancement or underneath wrinkles that should be smoothed.

The results of injectable fillers are immediate and satisfying. Patients are able to return to work the same day. Unlike surgery, however, the results of injectable fillers are not permanent and regardless which filler my New York City patients are given, their treatment will need to be repeated over time to maintain the improvement.

In your consultation with Dr. Nadelson, he will provide you with a price estimate that is based on factors specific to you as a patient. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Nadelson, Contact his office at (212)-500-2163

Adam Nadelson MD

Cosmetic Surgeon